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350.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name : Abamectin 1.9%EC Dosage: 150ml per acre. Description: Abacin is broad spectrum miticide and insecticide for control of


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Technical Name : Thiamethoxam 25% WG Short Description :* Second generation neonicotinoid for controlling foliar and soil pests in many

Agent Plus/एजेंट प्लस

75.00650.00 incl. Tax
Technical name: Lambda cyhalothrin 5 % EC Short Description:Agent Plus is a Stomach & contact insecticide. Which is effective for


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Technical Name :Lambda cyhalothrin 4.6% + chlorantraniliprole9.3 ZC Short Description: Ampligo is a broad spectrum insecticide, with excellent efficacy against


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Technical Name:Propineb 70% WP Short Description :A contact fungicide with protective action, wettable powder formulation to control fungal diseases on

Cabrio Top/कैब्रियो टॉप

750.006,500.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name:Metiram55%+ pyraclostrobin5% WG. Short Description:It improves the quality and yield of your crop with its superior disease control. With