All the Users must read and understand the Privacy Policy as it has been formulated to safeguard the User’s privacy. The Privacy Policy also outlines the ways the Users can ensure protection of their information.

Users must accept the contents of the Privacy Policy in order to use or continue using AGRIBIZ FARM’s Website. Acceptance of this Privacy Policy is deemed to have been given if the User continues to use AGRIBIZ FARM’s Website. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to AGRIBIZ FARM’s Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”).

A. Definitions

“Brand” or “Brand Name” shall mean “AGRIBIZ FARM™” or such other successor or replacement brand name / trade mark / service mark as may be decided by the Service Provider upon a prior intimation to the Seller.

“Cookie” is a small piece of information stored by a web server on a web browser so it can be later read back from that browser. Cookies are useful for enabling the browser to remember information specific to a given User. AGRIBIZ FARM places both permanent and temporary Cookies in User’s computer’s hard drive. The cookies do not contain any of User’s personally identifiable information. Cookies include Session Cookies.

“Platform” shall mean and include the Website owned and operated by AGRIBIZ FARM and bearing AGRIBIZ FARM’s Brand Name.

“Product(s)” shall mean any and all goods and services, listed on the Platform, for which AGRIBIZ FARM provide its Services to Users.

“Session Cookies” are the Cookies which are temporarily placed in User’s computer’s hard drive and are automatically deleted from the hard drive at the end of a session or when the web browser is closed by the User.

“Services” mean and include any and all services provided by AGRIBIZ FARM through or on the Platform, which are used by the User while using the Platform.

“Service Provider” shall mean AGRIBIZ FARM.

“User” shall include any person or entity who uses AGRIBIZ FARM’s Platform for transacting/trading/surfing/gathering information relating to the products and services listed on the Platform. The expression “Users” includes, without limitation, sellers who list their products on the Platform (“Seller-User”), buyers who buy products and services listed on the Platform (“Buyer-User”), etc.

B. Amendment

This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without notice to any User. To make sure the User is aware of any and all changes at all times, the User is required to review this policy periodically. User’s continued use of the Platform after the posting of changes will mean that User accepts and agrees to the revisions.

C. Collection of information

When User uses the Platform, including signing up to become a registered member, AGRIBIZ FARM collects and stores User’s information which is provided by User, directly or indirectly, from time to time. The primary goal of AGRIBIZ FARM is to provide User a safe, efficient, smooth and customized experience. This allows AGRIBIZ FARM to provide Services and features that most likely meet needs of the User, and to customize Platform to make experience of User safer and easier. More importantly, AGRIBIZ FARM collects information from User that AGRIBIZ FARM considers necessary for achieving this purpose.

D. What type of information is collected by AGRIBIZ FARM?

D.1. User’s personally identifiable information

AGRIBIZ FARM collects personally identifiable information (email address, name, phone number, etc.) from User, when User sets up a free account on the Platform to become a registered member. The User can merely surf and gather information from the Platform without being a registered member. However, for transacting and trading on the Platform, a User is required to become a registered member by providing personal information while signing up on the AGRIBIZ FARM’s Platform. AGRIBIZ FARM may use User’s contact information to share information about various offers available on the Platform for the User, which may be based on User’s previous orders and interests.

D.2. User’s financial information

If User transacts on the Platform, AGRIBIZ FARM collects User’s financial information such as, billing address, credit/ debit card number, expiration date of such credit/ debit card and details of other payment instruments (including pre-paid payment instruments, UPI handles, payment wallets, etc.) and tracking information of the transaction through such instruments.

D.3. User’s device information

AGRIBIZ FARM may collect information about User’s mobile device, including details of hardware model, operating system and version, software and file names and versions, preferred language, unique device identifier, advertising identifiers, serial number, device motion information, and mobile network information.

D.4. User’s location information

When User uses the Platform, AGRIBIZ FARM may seek User’s consent through permission system used by User’s device to collect precise location data of the User. If User permits, AGRIBIZ FARM will collect User’s location data and use the same for providing better services to the User. AGRIBIZ FARM may also derive User’s approximate location from its Internet Protocol (IP) address.

D.5. Transaction information

AGRIBIZ FARM collects and stores transaction details related to User’s transactions on the Platform, and information about User’s activities on the Platform, the type of services requested for or provided by User, comments, reviews, domain names, search results, number of clicks, Platform’s pages viewed and searched for, orders placed or received, length of User’s visit to Platform, the date and time User used the Platform, promotional codes applied, methods used to browse away from the page and any phone number(s) used to call customer care services of AGRIBIZ FARM and other related transaction details.

E. Through what modes does AGRIBIZ FARM collects User’s information?

E.1. Directly from the User

AGRIBIZ FARM seeks information from the User at multiple stages when the User visits and uses the Platform. User may elect to either provide or deny sharing such information. Denial to share any information sought by AGRIBIZ FARM will limit User’s usage of the Platform. If the User agrees to share such information, AGRIBIZ FARM collects and stores the same. AGRIBIZ FARM seeks User’s information, inter alia, when User:

(i) creates or updates its account on the Platform;

(ii) searches or shops for Products on the Platform;

(iii) adds or removes an item from its “cart”/ “wish list”, or place an order through the Platform;

(iv) reports a problem or registers a complaint using customer care services of AGRIBIZ FARM;

(v) lists its products on the Platform;

(vi) provides content to AGRIBIZ FARM, which may include reviews of Buyer-User, ordering details and history of Buyer-User, favourite vendors, special Seller-User requests, etc.

(vii) uploads its contacts, including access to mobile device contacts for certain Services;

(viii) communications with AGRIBIZ FARM by phone, e-mail, or otherwise;

(ix) completes a questionnaire, responding to AGRIBIZ FARM’s rating messages/ requests or a contest entry form;

(x) uploads or streams images, videos or audio or other files while using Services;

(xi) uses AGRIBIZ FARM Services;

(xii) specifies a reminder for any special occasion; or

(xiii) employs any alerts for product availability.

E.2. Data collection devices and/ or unique identifiers

AGRIBIZ FARM uses data collection devices and/ or unique identifiers such as Cookies, pixels, etc. on certain pages of the Platform to help analyse Website’s web page flow, measure promotional effectiveness, and promote trust and safety. AGRIBIZ FARM offers certain features that are only available through the use of Cookies. Cookies also help AGRIBIZ FARM to provide information that is targeted to User’s interests. Most of these Cookies are Session Cookies. User is always free to decline AGRIBIZ FARM’s Cookies if User’s browser permits, although such rejection limits User’s usage of Platform. By using data collection devices, AGRIBIZ FARM gathers, collects and stores the following information:

(i) User’s login status on the Platform, User’s selected preferences, items present in User’s “wish list”/ “cart”, etc.

(ii) All communications between the User and AGRIBIZ FARM on the Platform;

(iii) Depending on the Services that User uses, and application settings or device permissions of User, AGRIBIZ FARM may collect User’s real time information, or approximate location information as determined through data such as GPS, IP address, etc.

E.3. Provided by third parties

AGRIBIZ FARM might receive information about User from sources, such as AGRIBIZ FARM’s Affiliates – logistics partners, IT partners, product fulfilment partners, advertising partners, etc.

F. For what purposes does AGRIBIZ FARM uses User’s Information?

AGRIBIZ FARM may use User’s information, inter alia, for the following purposes:

F.1. to take and fulfil orders, deliver goods and services, process payments, and communicate with User about orders, goods and services, and promotional offers, etc.;

F.2. to provide, personalise, maintain and improve AGRIBIZ FARM Services, so as to enable deliveries and other services;

F.3. to enable features which help personalise User’s registered account on the Platform;

F.4. to carry out obligations of AGRIBIZ FARM arising from any contracts entered into between User and AGRIBIZ FARM and to provide User with the relevant information and Services;

F.5. to administer and enhance the security of the Platform and for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistical and survey purposes;

F.6. to provide User with information about Services AGRIBIZ FARM considers similar to those that User is already using, or have enquired about, or may be in User’s interests;

F.7. to understand Users, improve the content and features of Services (such as by personalizing content to User’s interests), process and complete User’s transactions, make special offers, provide customer support, process and respond to User’s queries;

F.8. to measure or understand the effectiveness of advertising AGRIBIZ FARM serves to Users and others, and to deliver relevant advertising to User;

F.9. to comply with legal obligations;

F.10. to prevent and detect fraud and abuse in order to protect the security of Users, AGRIBIZ FARM, and others; or

F.11. to share promotional communication with User. User may opt out of receiving promotional messages from AGRIBIZ FARM by following the instructions in those messages. If User opts out, AGRIBIZ FARM may still send non-promotional communications to User, such as those about User’s account, about Services requested by User, or AGRIBIZ FARM’s ongoing business relations.

G. Can a User change its information provided to AGRIBIZ FARM and/or deactivate its account?

G.1. User can change its information provided to AGRIBIZ FARM. It is User’s responsibility to inform AGRIBIZ FARM about its desire to change/ update/ amend/ modify all sorts of information that it provides to AGRIBIZ FARM. Also, User is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of such information.

G.2. User can change the information by editing/ updating its personal account registered on the Platform or by availing customer care services of AGRIBIZ FARM through email or telephonically.

G.3. User may also cancel or modify User’s communications that User have elected to receive from the Services by following the instructions contained within an e-mail or by logging into its account and changing its communication preferences.

G.4. If User modifies its information on the Platform and AGRIBIZ FARM finds that the updated information is insufficient/ inaccurate, AGRIBIZ FARM may, in its sole discretion terminate User’s registered account by notifying User on its registered email/ phone number.

G.5. If User wishes to deactivate its account registered with AGRIBIZ FARM, it may raise a request by accessing the “Deactivate Account” option available on the Platform or by availing AGRIBIZ FARM’s customer care services. After User has raised a request for deactivation of its account through the Platform or by contacting customer care services, AGRIBIZ FARM will retain User’s information and usage information for as long as User’s account is deactivated at AGRIBIZ FARM’s end. Even after deactivation of User’s account at AGRIBIZ FARM’s end, AGRIBIZ FARM has the right to retain User’s information and User’s usage information for complying with its legal and/ or regulatory obligations. AGRIBIZ FARM may use such User information to resolve disputes, conclude any activities related to cancellation of User’s registered account, investigate or prevent fraud and other inappropriate activities, to enforce User’s contractual obligations, and for other business reasons. After a period of time, User’s data may be anonymized and aggregated, and then may be held by AGRIBIZ FARM as long as necessary for it to provide Services effectively, but AGRIBIZ FARM’s use of the anonymized data will be solely for analytical and research purposes.

H. Does AGRIBIZ FARM share User’s information with third-parties?

AGRIBIZ FARM may share User’s information that AGRIBIZ FARM collects and stores through various modes with, inter alia, following entities:

H.1. With Affiliates and/ or third party service providers

AGRIBIZ FARM may share User information with vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research firms, delivery partners, academic partners, payment processing companies and other such entities and/ or Affiliates, to support AGRIBIZ FARM’s business. For example, User’s information may be shared with outside vendors to send User emails and messages or push notifications to User’s devices in relation to AGRIBIZ FARM’s Services to the Users, to help AGRIBIZ FARM to analyse and improve the User’s use of the Platform, to process and collect payments, etc.

H.2. With Seller-Users

When a Buyer-User places its order on the Platform, Buyer-User’s information is received by AGRIBIZ FARM and AGRIBIZ FARM, in turn, forwards such information to the Seller-User. AGRIBIZ FARM provides Buyer-User’s information to the concerned Seller-User in a similar manner as if Buyer-User had made order directly to the Seller-User.

H.3. With government authorities and/ or agencies

AGRIBIZ FARM may share User’s information with governmental authorities/ agencies, inter alia, in the following circumstances:

(i) to comply with AGRIBIZ FARM’s legal obligations under the applicable laws;

(ii) to obey directions of a court of law;

(iii) for detecting and preventing against actual or potential occurrence of identity theft, fraud and other illegal acts;

(iv) in responding to claims that an advertisement, posting or other contents available on the Platform allegedly violate the intellectual property rights of a third party;

(v) under a duty to disclose or share User’s information in order to enforce Terms of Use and other agreements, policies of AGRIBIZ FARM, or

(vi) to protect the rights or property of Users, or third parties, or in the event of a claim or dispute relating to User’s use of Platform.
This includes exchanging information with third parties for the purposes of fraud detection and credit risk reduction.

H.4. With advertisers and advertising networks

AGRIBIZ FARM may work with third parties such as network advertisers to serve advertisements on the Platform and on third-party websites or other media (e.g., social networking platforms). These third parties may use Cookies, and other tracking technologies to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to personalize advertising content to User.

While User cannot opt out of advertising on the Platform, User may opt out of such interest-based advertising on third party sites and through third party advertisement networks (including DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Facebook Audience Network and Google AdSense). Opting out means that User will no longer receive personalized ads by third parties’ advertisement networks from which User have opted out, which is based on User’s browsing information across multiple sites and online services. If User deletes Cookies or change devices, User’s opt out may no longer be effective.

AGRIBIZ FARM may share User’s information other than as described in this Privacy Policy, if AGRIBIZ FARM notifies User and User consents to the sharing.

I. User’s control over its information

I.1. User can always choose not to provide any information, but then User might not be able to take advantage of many of the Services.

I.2. User can add or update certain information on the account maintained by User on the Platform. When User updates information, AGRIBIZ FARM usually keeps a copy of the prior records of User.

I.3. The Help feature on most browsers and devices will tell User: how to prevent User’s browser or device from accepting new Cookies or other identifiers, and how to have the browser notify User when User receives a new Cookie or how to block Cookies altogether. However, User must know that if User blocks Cookies, then User may not be able to use some of the features of the Platform, because Cookies and other unique identifiers allow User to take advantage of some essential features of Platform.

J. How secure is User’s information?

AGRIBIZ FARM designs its system with User’s security and privacy in mind. Following tasks are undertaken by AGRIBIZ FARM to secure User’s information:

(i) AGRIBIZ FARM works to protect the security of User’s personal information during transmission by using encryption protocols and software;

(ii) AGRIBIZ FARM maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection, storage, processing, and disclosure of User’s personal information.

K. How can User help AGRIBIZ FARM secure User information?

It is important for AGRIBIZ FARM to protect User against unauthorized access to User’s password and to User’s computers, devices and applications. User may undertake the following steps to help AGRIBIZ FARM secure User information better.

(i) User is required to sign off / log out when finished using a shared computer;

(ii) User should not disclose its password to anyone.

User must understand that, as effective as security protocols are, no security system is impenetrable. AGRIBIZ FARM cannot guarantee the security of databases, nor can AGRIBIZ FARM guarantee that information User supply won’t be intercepted while being transmitted to AGRIBIZ FARM over the internet or wireless communication, and any information User transmit to AGRIBIZ FARM, User do at User’s own risk.

L. Consent

By using the Platform and/ or by providing information, User consents to the collection and use of the information that User discloses on the Platform in accordance with this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to User’s consent for sharing its information as per this Privacy Policy. If User discloses any personal information relating to other people to AGRIBIZ FARM, User represents that User has the authority to do so and to permit AGRIBIZ FARM to use such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

M. Cookies Policy

M.1. User may encounter “Cookies” or other similar devices on certain pages of Website that are placed by third parties. AGRIBIZ FARM does not control the use of Cookies by third parties. Privacy Policy does not apply to the privacy practices of third party websites.

M.2. Third parties may also set Cookies when User visits websites of such third parties, which may include without limitation search engines, providers of measurement and analytics services, social media networks, and advertising companies. These third parties use Cookies in the process of delivering content, including advertisements relevant to User’s interests, to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements, etc. User must understand that AGRIBIZ FARM is not liable for such third parties Cookies.

N. Third Party links and information

N.1. Services may contain content that is supplied by a third party, and those third parties may collect Website usage information when web pages from any online or mobile services are served to User’s browser. In addition, when User is using Services, User may be directed to other sites or applications that are operated and controlled by third parties that AGRIBIZ FARM does not control.

N.2. AGRIBIZ FARM is not responsible for the privacy practices employed by any of these third parties. For example, if User clicks on one of the links to third party website(s) that may be available on the Platform, User may be taken to website(s) that AGRIBIZ FARM does not control. Such third party websites may send their own Cookies to User, independently collect data or solicit information and may or may not have their own published privacy policies. It is reiterated that AGRIBIZ FARM is not liable for such third parties’ Cookies.

N.3. AGRIBIZ FARM encourages User to note when User leaves the Platform and to read the privacy statements of all third parties’ websites or applications before submitting any information to third parties.

N.4. Privacy Policy does not apply to the privacy practices of such third party websites. AGRIBIZ FARM shall not be liable for the misuse of User’s personal information by third party websites.