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200.00390.00 incl. Tax
A combination of Bio-Bactericide and Bio fungicide suitable for all crops and seed treatment for prevention of bacterial and fungal


100.00 incl. Tax
Daman plus is used for flowering in bengalgram. Increases yield and enhances resistence level in plants. · Incorporating draught resisitance


1,150.00 incl. Tax
Short Description: Increase in photosynthesis. Increase in flowering.


80.00400.00 incl. Tax
Short Description: Better and immediate absorption of Insecticides or fungicides or micronutrients or other fertilizers when sprayed with Multiplex Maxiwet


100.00 incl. Tax
Benefits Multiplex Neempure-P controls soil borne pathogens and nematode populations. through repellent properties. Multiplex Neempure-P is having growth regulator and

Safe Root/सेफ रुट

380.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: TRICHODERMA HARZIANUM 1.0 % WP Short Description: Multiplex Safe Root Controls most of soil-borne nematodes (PPN) and works as

TAR/ टार

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Short Description: MBF TAR is biodegradable concentrated herbal extract which has a strong activity of repelling the harmful animals from


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Technical Name: 70% W/v Zinc Oxide Short Description: Zinatra 700 crop nutrition has high elemental value which allows for lower