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275.00 incl. Tax
Affinity herbicide is a selective herbicide with the technical name Carfentrazone Ethyl 40% DF. It’s a post-emergent herbicide that controls

Authority Nxt/अथॉरिटी एनएक्सटी

3,500.00 incl. Tax
Short Description: This is for effective control of broad leaf and grassy weeds in Sugarcane and Soybean. Click here for


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Technical Name:  Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 % w/w Short Description: Coragen insecticide is particularly active on Lepidopteran insect pests, primarily as a


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Technical Name: Butachloro 38.83%+penoxsulam0.97% DF Short Description: It is anthranilic diamide insectcides recommended for managing lepidopteran pests of okra and


900.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Chlorantraniliprole0.4%W/W GR Short Description: It is a granular insecticide that provides unmatchable crop protection in Rice and Sugarcane

Furagro GR/फुरग्रो जीआर

Active Ingredients: 12% Humic Acid 1% Amino Acid Short Description: It helps in better microbial activity in soil and better


Technical Name: Tebuconazole 50%+Trifloxystrobin 25% WG Short Description: Gezeko® fungicide enhances the crop health & keeps the crop fit with

MARSHAL/ मार्शल

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Technical Name: Carbosulfan 25% EC Short Description: It is a pyrethroid, a class of synthetic insecticides that mimics the structure


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Technical Name: Bifenthrin 10% EC Short Description: “Talstar is a broad spectrum insecticide that works on contact and via ingestion


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Technical Name: 70% W/v Zinc Oxide Short Description: Zinatra 700 crop nutrition has high elemental value which allows for lower