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350.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name : Abamectin 1.9%EC Dosage: 150ml per acre. Description: Abacin is broad spectrum miticide and insecticide for control of


Technical Name: Quizalofop ethyl 3 % + Fomesafen 12% SC Short Description: For the control of Broadleaf weeds, grasses and


90.00700.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Carbendazim 50% WP Short Description: Bavistin is a systemic fungicide which controls disease at every growing point of

Blue Copper/ब्लू कॉपर

550.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name :Copper oxychloride 50% w/w Blue copper is a copper based broad spectrum fungicide which controls the fungal as

CHR 846

Short Description : ONE OF THE BEST HYBRID SEED OF PADDY Duration : 130-135 DAYS


35.00 incl. Tax
Technical name: Streptomycin sulphate 90% + Tetracylin hydrocloride 10% sp Short Description: Crystocycline is a broad spectrum chemical bactericide which contains


75.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Chlorpyriphos 20% EC Short Description: Dursban acts as a Cholinesterase inhibitor, which belongs to organophosphorus group. Dursban is a

Extra Super/एक्स्ट्रा सुपर

Technical Name: Thiamethoxam 25% WG Short Description: It controls sucking pests and soil inhabiting pests effectively. Extra Super is safer

Furadan/ फुरदान

130.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Carbofuran 3%CG Short Description: Furadan works excellent on wide variety of pests (Foilar pest, soil pest and nematode).


650.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: 2,4-D AMINE SALT 58% S.L


2,500.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Halosulfuron Methyl 12 %+Metribuzin 55%W/W WG Short Description: Powerful stomach and contact action Broad spectrum weed control Cyperus


105.00500.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Chlorpyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% E.c. Short Description: Lara-909 is a broad spectrum insecticide. Lara-909 is a combination