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2,4-D Main/2,4-डी मेन

170.00500.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Dimethyl amine salt 58% SL Short Description: Effective control of broad leave weeds in maize, paddy, wheat &


900.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Acephate 75% SP Short Description: ACEMAIN is a broad spectrum systemic organophosphate insecticide. It controls a wide range


360.001,250.00 incl. Tax
Each 100ml of narkis get free 8g of Wirazer  . Narkis effectively controls weeds found in the rice field grass


85.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Diafenthiuron50% WP Short Description: It paralyses the pests, It remain immobile on the crops until the death In


220.002,100.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name : Propaquizafop 10% EC Product description : AGIL is used for selective weed control in many broadleaf crops


250.00 incl. Tax
Atranex is an herbicide of the triazine group used for pre-emergence and post-emergence control of a wide spectrum of annual


300.003,000.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Novaluron 5.25% + Emamectin Benzoate 0.9% W/W SC Short Description: Barazide is an effective solution for the control


385.001,100.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Cartap hydrochloride 7.5%W/W + Emamectin Benzoate 0.25GR Short Description: It has a dual-mode of action which benefits the


180.001,950.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: chlorantroniliprole 18% w/w Short Description: Green label Insecticides that can be used on all types of crops and


180.00810.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Azoxystrobin11.00+tebuconazole18.30% W/W Sc Short Description: Custodia is a Broad spectrum fungicide for the control of many fungal pathogens


190.00 incl. Tax
Flamberge creates Value for the farmers growing Vegetables & Fruits by offering them the Competitive Advantage with its unique high-value formulation technology


1,550.00 incl. Tax
Technical Name: Tembotrione 34.4% w/w SC It controls both narrow and broad leaf weeds.